80 LTR-H


Product Details:

  • Nominal Capacity (L): 80
  • Installation: H
  • Size: Regular
  • Power (kW): 1.2
  • Voltage (V): 230
  • Heating Time (?T=45°C) (h.min): 3.175'
  • Heat Dispersion at 65°C (kWh/24h): 1.48
  • Max Working Pressure (bar): 8
  • Max Working Temperature (°C): 75
  • Weight (kg): 22
  • Class: IPX1
  • Article Number: 3201920

Product Description:

The water heater with a nominal capacity of 80 liters is designed for H installation, providing ample hot water for your daily needs. With a power of 0.8 kW and a voltage of220-240V, it quickly heats water to a temperature difference of 45°C in approximately 4.55 minutes. The heat dispersion at a temperature of 65°C is 1.48 kWh per 24 hours, ensuring continuous hot water availability. Themaximum working pressure is 8 bar, and it can reach a maximum working temperature of 75°C. With a weight of 22 kg, the water heater is robust and sturdy. It has an IPX1 class rating, offering protection against water ingress. The advanced WaterPlus technology allows for up to 16% more hot water availability, ensuring a comfortable experience. The water heater is compliant with top regulations for safety and efficiency. Full comfort is provided with an external temperature setting and a double safety thermostat, allowing you to easily adjust the water temperature to your preference. The water heater is built to last, featuring robust insulation material (polyurethane) for energy efficiency, a magnesium anode to fight corrosion, and a high-quality titanium enameled tank. It comes with a 7-year warranty for added peace of mind. The exclusive design of the water heater, designed in Italy, showcases a modern shape with an Ariston wave, adding a touch of elegance to your space. Please consult the product manual for proper installation and operation of the water heater.

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