Tangit Uni-Lock 160m

Tangit Uni-Lock Pipe Sealing Cord is a general purpose sealant for threaded pipes. It is used for sealing threaded components such as pipe couplings and fittings with tapered/cylindrical threads. The application range includes colr and hot water supply pipes (up to 130C) as well as gas pipes. The cord is particularly suited for threaded joints that require immediate tightness after assembly and may need small readjustments before use.


  • Easy application
  • Ready to use
  • Replaces hemp and PTFE tapes
  • Enables easy alignment of outlet taps
  • Instant sealing
  • Resistant to 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gas (3rd family in the gas phase), hot and cold water, gas condensates, compressed air and industrial oils

Metal threads must be cleaned with a brush if necessary. It is recommended to roughen metal threads, e.g. with a saw blade, before wrapping the sealing cord around the thread.

Application of the sealing cord:
First, place the cord laterally onto the thread, then wind the cord in the same direction as the thread helix (across the lateral cord), starting from the end of the pipe. To ensure optimum performance, the grooves of the thread should be filled without completely masking the pitches of the thread. The cord can be cut off with the integrated cutting edge. The cord is spinally wound inside the dispenser. Therefore, it can be easily pulled out and applied onto the thread. Make sure that the cord is wrapped around the thread with a certain tension.

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Tangit Uni-Lock 160m
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