Tangit Cleaner 1litre

Tangit Cleaner is a cleaning agent based on acetone and methyl ethyl ketone (butanone). It is used to clean surfaces before bonding pipes with Tangit pipe adhesive. Tangit Cleaner can also be used to clean brushes, but do not use it to dilute Tangit adhesives.


  • Safe and reliable bonding when used with Tangit pipe adhesives
  • Prevents leakage problems
  • High purity – dries without residue
  • Reliably removes residues and soiling

The surfaces to be bonded must first be cleaned of heavy dirt. The final cleaning is done using Tangit Cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto a piece of white, non-staining soft paper and thoroughly clean the dry surfaces. Use a new piece of tissue paper for each cleaning operation. The surfaces cleaned with Tangit Cleaner must be dry before applying the adhesive.

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Tangit Cleaner 1litre
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