Tangit All Pressure UPVC Pipe Adhesive 1kg

Tangit U-PVC All Pressure is a special adhesive for U-PVC pipes and fittings. It is suitable for joints resistant to shear strain of pressure pipes (e.g. drinking water and gas pipes), for gluing cable conduits, drain pipes made of U-PVC.


  •  Fast curing, maximum leak protection
  •  Excellent gap-filling properties
  •  Easy bonding even on large surfaces
  •  Hot and cold water pipes (60C)
  •  Resistant to bacteria
  •  High pressure (16 bars)

Cut pipe evenly, insert pipe into fitting and mark depth. Clean both surface ends thoroughly with Tangit Cleanser and clean tissue paper.

Stir Tangit well and apply an even layer adhesive in an axial direction with a brush. Assemble the parts within 4 minutes without turning and hold firmly for over a few seconds. Remove excess adhesive. Do not expose the bonded joint to mechanical stress for at least 5 minutes.

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Tangit All Pressure UPVC Pipe Adhesive 1kg
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